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Salad Week: Creamy Potato Salad

It was not easy decid­ing on which kind of recipe to make for our salad theme this week. As Laura […]

Chef Notes: Salt Potatoes

Don’t be put off by the title. Yes, you use a butt load of salt in the water but they don’t […]

Sweet Potato 5: Quick and Easy Summer Dinner Salads

Have we told you we're con­tribut­ing to iVillage.ca? This sum­mer is fly­ing by at such a pace that we've been on […]

Salad Week: Salmon Dinner Salad

Do you find your­self say­ing things to your kids that you'd choke on if some­one said to you? I mean, I know […]

Fish Week: Salmon Cakes

This week might be a bit nuts at SPC. Unlike most times when we're so but­toned down.… ahem. Bar­ring some kind […]