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Giving Up Gluten: Pretty Stuffed Peppers, Perfect for Fall.

One of the worst/best things about cot­tag­ing is all the cook­ing one has to do. On the one hand it […]

Lisa's Letters Home: Beach Lunches

Oh, I Do Like to Eat Beside the Sea­side! We're on the Isle of Wight enjoy­ing lots of sight­see­ing, food, beaches, […]

Giving Up Gluten: Book Club Approved Quinoa Salad

You know the way Laura and Ceri feel about pan­cakes? Well, that's how I feel about quinoa salad. I just love the […]

Dinner For One Two Three. A Protein Packed Salad

I am prob­a­bly the only per­son who gives up gluten and promptly gains 5 pounds by recipe test­ing desserts. Gah! Thank […]

Breakfast Week: Quinoa Porridge

Esme would eat oat­meal por­ridge every day of her life if we were will­ing to make it. Hottest day in […]