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Canada Day

Cool It Week: Unbelievably Good Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

Why make ice cream at home? I've always won­dered. There are many things that one can buy that I do like […]

Summer Entertaining: Cherry Hand Pies

You're almost there, the fin­ish line is in sight — it's the last week of school! In fact, there's probably […]

Lisa's Letters Home: Chocolate Pavlova with Balsamic Strawberries

When I first moved to Eng­land in 2000, I used to spend a lot of time watch­ing the food chan­nel (Carl­ton back then, […]

Grilled Corn and Green Bean Salad

When­ever August arrives I'm a bit con­flicted. Part of me won­ders where the hell half the sum­mer has already gone while […]

Lisa's Letter's home: An English Canada Day

I don’t think I was ever par­tic­u­larly patri­otic when I lived in Canada. Of course I was always proud to be Cana­dian and […]