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Green Week: Easy Broccoli and Cheese Soup


Call­ing this week Green was per­haps overly hope­ful on our part when we cre­ated our March sched­ule. Of course it was St.Patrick's Day on Mon­day but we were also hop­ing there might be some green grass shoot­ing up by now, a few green leaves unfurl­ing. Yeah, not so much. Instead it's rather grey and slushy out and really not what you want from the first days of spring. But we won't let the weather stop us from eat­ing our greens, will we?

This is an old recipe that's been given a sparkly new photo. I love this soup because it's packed with veg­gies, obvs, but the potato and cheese give it a com­fort fac­tor I'm still crav­ing while it's chilly out. This is a great soup to whip on a Sun­day after­noon. You could put it in a ther­mos for a school lunch (or a work lunch, for that mat­ter) or serve along­side a grilled cheese sand­wich for a super easy week­night din­ner. C.M.

I know that there are tech­ni­cally a few more days left of sum­mer but to me fall begins on the first of Sep­tem­ber. And in Toronto, it really feels like it. The sun is still mostly shin­ing but wind is lit­tle more insis­tent and some morn­ings I have to wear a scarf to do the school run. If I can ignore the fact that win­ter is right around the cor­ner, I love fall. It's def­i­nitely my favourite time of year to cook. Lots of local pro­duce in the stores and mar­kets and it's not too hot to be hang­ing out around the stove. And my favourite thing to make? Soup. I put up a soup ques­tion on Face­book and promptly got six great ideas for soups. And the bonus of a bis­cuit recipe from Michelle Berry — will be try­ing them this week. Read more

Greens Week: Sweet Pea and Mint Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs 48625 1-1

It's no mis­take that Green's Week begins on St. Patrick's Day. And while we were tempted to have a lovely recipe for green beer, we decided that healthy greens were a bet­ter way to go, being a fam­ily blog and all. If your house­hold is any­thing like mine, then eggs are always a wel­come part of any meal. Or a snack.

One of my all-time favourite snacks as a kid were dev­illed eggs. They're as 70's as mood rings and Shawn Cas­sidy but the last few years have seen a resur­gence of them in trendy restau­rants and, frankly, they couldn't be more kid-friendly. Once you've gath­ered all those cooked yolks into a bowl there really is no end to what you can whip into them. I've tired every­thing from Greek yogurt and herbs to tuna and diced pep­pers but, on this occa­sion, it was time to get some greens into the mix. I know you're think­ing "She going to make me add kale again" but, hold the phone, you are wrong! Yes, your kale-loving friend has branched out. Today's dev­illed eggs have Scarlett's favourite lit­tle veg, the pea. And what pea doesn't love a flavour mas­sage from mint? Hon­estly, these dev­illed eggs are not your 70's sta­ple but they're as good as wash­ing your hair with Gee Your Hair Smells Ter­rific sham­poo, blow­ing it dry to look like the wavy won­der of Far­rah Fawcett's mane in her infa­mous red bathing suit poster and then flip­ping it around a dance floor under a disco ball. Am I the only one who just got all those 70's ref­er­ences? Please tell me I'm not.

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Baking Week: No-Bake Banana and Peanut Butter Lollipops with Dark Chocolate

PB & Chocolate Pops 48621

Last month Ceri made choco­late peanut but­ter balls for Choco­late Week and we fea­tured them on City­line. I'm not gonna lie but the City­line crew (and a few other guests of the show) lost their minds over them. We snacked on them as we pre­pared them for our seg­ment and then con­tin­ued to gob­ble them up through­out the rest of the tap­ing. By the time we left the stu­dio, I ate about half a dozen and had got­ten choco­late all over the stu­dio and on a few of my fel­low guests. After that day, I wanted to come up with  a ver­sion that was slightly heathier–not mix­ing confectioner's sugar into the peanut butter–and equally as portable. After all, have you been read­ing all the lat­est news on the dan­gers of sugar like here in the Globe and Mail. I hadn't even read that piece and I wanted to omit the sugar. I think I'm a trend set­ter. Ok, you're right. I'm not.

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What's So Great About My Liver?


Notice I didn’t say what’s so good about liver… because ewww and also, yuck. Oh wait, are the chil­dren in the room? Then I meant, no thank you and while I under­stand that Santa wants us to try a bite of every­thing offered at the table, I believe I will pass for now.  Are they gone?

So no, not the liver you might eat (because ref­er­ence above gag­ging) but the liver you cur­rently house in your body and which is doing it’s best to chug through what nutri­tion­ists refer to as our “toxic load” inevitably accu­mu­lated through­out life via pes­ti­cides and chem­i­cals we eat and breath inad­ver­tently as well as the drugs, alco­hol and sugar we take in, ahem, less inad­ver­tently. Read more

Good Morning, Glory Muffins


Doesn't it feel like March break has already been going on for weeks? It does to me. Ben's about to go away on a long work trip so I'm feel­ing under extra pres­sure to come up with lots of things to do with the kids. We've got birth­day par­ties to go to, play dates, day camps, and of course, bak­ing. Here's one from the archives, Morn­ing Glory Muffins. They're so good, I was really happy to make them again when I was in the stu­dio with Maya. It's so good to get nice shots in these old posts. But of course I'm leav­ing in the orig­i­nal shots of Esme and Julian look­ing like absolute babies. Look at Julian's fat lit­tle hands?! I mean, hon­estly. Now excuse me, I think I have some­thing in my eye.… C.M.

After months of hav­ing a  baby in my arms most of the day, Julian is about to walk. Of course, he's been crawl­ing for a cou­ple of months but now he's con­stantly on the move, cruis­ing and get­ting closer to two-footedness. And as much as this trend toward mobil­ity means con­stant falls and bruises we're both enjoy­ing the inde­pen­dence. It also means I can do more with Esme, which I've been miss­ing a lot. After some nego­ti­at­ing — "Let's make a cake!" "How about muffins?" "No — cup­cakes." "How about muffins?" "Okay, muffins!" — we decided to make Morn­ing Glory Muffins. I like these as they're a good snack but healthy enough to be break­fast. Read more