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Apple Week: Apple, Cheese & Bacon Frittata

Apple Frittata 25751

This recipe is the first to be fea­tured in our new You Tube series Lunch Ninja. Named after our own Ceri Marsh who is the self-proclaimed Lunch Ninja, this series is meant to inspire your choices for the daily grind known as your children's lunch box. Not only do these video's fea­ture great recipes that are alter­na­tives to the same old sand­wich (not that we don't love you turkey and havarti) but they're also filled with ideas for fun and nutri­tious sides that can stand up to the rough and tum­ble world that is know as the inside of your kid's back­pack. Please sign up, sub­scribe and share. Who doesn't need good ideas for lunch? Plus we all need to eat.

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Sweet Pea and Mint Devilled Eggs

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This post was orig­i­nally pub­lished last year around St. Patty's Day but I think this recipe is per­fect for all the Easter eggs you have lying around. Even if you had to bin your stock of coloured eggs, it still makes a great brunch, snack or even din­ner side….

It's no mis­take that Green's Week begins on St. Patrick's Day. And while we were tempted to have a lovely recipe for green beer, we decided that healthy greens were a bet­ter way to go, being a fam­ily blog and all. If your house­hold is any­thing like mine, then eggs are always a wel­come part of any meal. Or a snack.

One of my all-time favourite snacks as a kid were dev­illed eggs. They're as 70's as mood rings and Shawn Cas­sidy, but the last few years have seen a resur­gence of them in trendy restau­rants and, frankly, they couldn't be more kid-friendly. Once you've gath­ered those cooked yolks into a bowl there really is no end to what you can whip into them. I've tried every­thing from Greek yogurt and herbs to tuna and diced pep­pers but, on this occa­sion, it was time to get some greens into the mix. I know you're think­ing "She going to make me add kale again" but, hold the phone, you are wrong! Yes, your kale-loving friend has branched out. Today's dev­illed eggs have Scarlett's favourite lit­tle veg–the pea. And what pea doesn't love a flavour boost from mint? Hon­estly, these dev­illed eggs are not your 70's sta­ple but they're as good as wash­ing your hair with Gee Your Hair Smells Ter­rific sham­poo, blow­ing it dry to look like the wavy won­der of Far­rah Fawcett's mane and then flip­ping it around a dance floor under a disco ball. Am I the only one who just got all those 70's ref­er­ences? Please tell me I'm not.

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St. Patrick's Day Kale and Banana Smoothie Bowl

Kale Smoothie Bowl 43604

With a name like Keogh, you can bet we'll be hav­ing some good, clean St. Patrick's Day fun. Scar­lett and I will be dress­ing up in our cutest green blouses and maybe even adding a few but­tons for "flair." (Did you get the Office Space ref­er­ence? Tell me you did.) My Irish hus­band always rolls his eyes at our overblown spirit for the hol­i­day, but we can't resist a rea­son to dress up, throw a party and eat things that are green. This green smoothie bowl, sweet­ened by 2 bananas, makes chow­ing down on this shade of the rain­bow a lit­tle sweeter, espe­cially for lit­tle eaters (they don't always have to be little…I'm look­ing at you Mrs. Gib­son!) who find green not so appeal­ing. It makes a great break­fast or snack, whizzes up easy in your blender and is mighty fill­ing. I'm guess­ing this lit­tle gem will wind-up being one of your recipe sta­ples. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my flair.

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Leftover Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork, Caramelized Onion and Sweet Potato Quesadilla

Pulled Pork Quesadillas 43571

Here it is. My last recipe for the slow cooker pulled pork dish I gave you the other day. It's another so-simple-I-can-run-one-more-errand-before-going-home dish. Although, I do need to con­sider the fact that you may not have any more pulled pork. Or that you never made the pulled pork. Or that you absolutely hate pork. In that case, you can still make this recipe and love it.
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Leftover Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl

Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl 43581

Did you make it? The slow-cooker pulled pork? I told you there would be lots of left­overs. Isn't it glo­ri­ous?! Looks like you have din­ner for a few nights. But don't worry. You won't fatigue of the pork because I have two great recipes that incor­po­rate the meat and they don't, in any way, resem­ble the piled-high sand­wich you stuffed your­self with the other night. In fact, if you didn't make the pork–and don't know what I'm talk­ing about because you just tuned in–or you're veg­e­tar­ian, don't worry. This recipe and a que­sadilla com­ing tomor­row can stand alone on their own deli­cious mer­its. Not to men­tion, they're pretty darn easy.

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