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Netflix & SPC: That Back-to-School Lunch Game


Here we are, peo­ple, it’s Sep­tem­ber. Are you ready? I pride myself on being pretty orga­nized most of the time. But this year? Ay caramba, I’m a dis­as­ter. I’m scram­bling to pull together the req­ui­site back­packs, lunch boxes, ther­moses, water bot­tles, etc, that my kids will need to start a new school year. And emo­tional prepa­ra­tion? Have I men­tioned my baby starts school this year! Leav­ing the nest of our beloved day­care seems not to be phas­ing Julian at bit, but I am a wreck. I have way more anx­i­eties about him going to school than I did with Esme. Or maybe time has just obscured them?

Will he make friends? Will he take to the French Immer­sion pro­gram the way his sis­ter did? Will he eat a packed lunch?! One of the loveli­est perks of the day­care we had one or both kids in for five years is the hot lunch they pre­pare on site every day. We’re talk­ing cur­ries, fish soups and stir­fries. How is a plain old sand­wich sup­posed to com­pete with that? With Esme, I’m in a groove. I know exactly what to make and how often to change things up. But maybe Julian won’t want the same things. I’m start­ing to have night­mares about cre­at­ing two com­pletely dif­fer­ent lunches every day. I can­not go there. Read more

Grocery Giveaway!


We're sad that sum­mer is wind­ing down but it was so jam-packed with fun that we really can't com­plain. For us, there were lots of small and big trips, lots of swim­ming, bar­be­cu­ing and picnic-ing. We were also lucky to part­ner with Metro gro­ceries, doing events and cook­ing demon­stra­tions on tv. We love Metro's phi­los­o­phy of offer­ing fresh, local pro­duce. It's impor­tant for us to know where our fam­i­lies' food comes from and Metro makes that easy.

Did you catch us on City­Line this morn­ing? We whipped up some great make-ahead recipes that are going to save you once school gets rolling. And as a bonus to you, lovely read­ers, we're giv­ing away a $250 Metro gift card! Leave a com­ment and let us know what you'll be cook­ing in Sep­tem­ber and you could win! Fol­low us on Pin­ter­est for more chances to win. Read more

Freeze Week: Scarlett's Coconut Icy

Scarlett's Icee 20778

This is a really big day for us over here at Sweet Potato Chron­i­cles. I. Mean. Big. When we started this site, our babies were, well, babies. We started cook­ing with our kids for a lot of dif­fer­ent rea­sons. We wanted to teach them the the awe­some­ness of food but we also hoped to one day reap the proven ben­e­fits that come along with get­ting the kid's involved in the kitchen. Plus, we got some pretty hilar­i­ous mate­r­ial for posts from our escapades in the kitchen together. But today is a major mile­stone for this fam­ily as well as the SPC site. My daugh­ter Scar­lett will debut her very first recipe and post. This sim­ple but wildly yummy icy was her cre­ation. She's done lots of other recipes before. In fact, she cre­ated a mean spinach puree that has become a sta­ple in our house­hold, but this dish is all hers from incep­tion and test­ing to pho­tograph­ing and actu­ally build­ing and writ­ing the post. (Please par­don any mis­spelling and typos.)

Ladies and gen­tle­man please wel­come my daugh­ter Scar­lett and her very first post. (I'm hav­ing a very proud mommy moment right now.) I'll hand it over to her and, if you need me, I'll be hav­ing a cry over in the cor­ner. Take it away my beau­ti­ful girl…. Read more

Freeze Week: Lime Avocado Popsicles

Avocado Pops

When it comes to sum­mer, I like mine stinkin’ hot. So this sea­son has been a bit of a, ahem, dis­ap­point­ment. I feel bad whin­ing about the weather but the truth is, in Ontario, July and these first few weeks of August have felt more like fall. I just haven’t had enough of those days when as soon as you get out of the water, you’re ready to go back in. Or nights when it’s so warm you’re forced to leave every win­dow in the house wide open, thus allow­ing you to lis­ten to the cricket sym­phony play­ing out­side. I know. You think I’m crazy wish­ing for sleep­less nights sprawled across sweat-dampened sheets wait­ing for a limp breeze, but, for me, sum­mer just isn’t sum­mer unless I have those extremes. So this sol­stice, with it’s mild days and cool nights, really just bums me out. Read more

Shrimp Week: Liz's Famous Shrimp and Vegetable Spaghetti

Liz's Pasta 20718

This is my friend Liz. As friends go, Liz is pretty amaz­ing. She pos­sesses a lot of the quin­tes­sen­tial great friend qual­i­ties like being a patient lis­tener, sym­pa­thetic and she never judges. How­ever, what I love most about Liz is that she lives her life on the bright side–She is a con­stant force of grate­ful­ness and hap­pi­ness. I’ve actu­ally never met any one like her until my hus­band and I bought our tiny beach cot­tage.
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