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Protein Pancakes with Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Pancakes-1

I was in a meet­ing recently, talk­ing about food, of course, when a col­league said to me, "Every morn­ing, I pray I've given my eldest daugh­ter enough food for the day." A com­pet­i­tive dancer, her daugh­ter goes right from school into a full sched­ule of classes and prac­tices. "I won't see her until we both get home at around 8pm tonight and I worry I've packed her enough." As soon as she said it to me, I instantly slumped over in my seat with sym­pa­thy worry for her. With a young daugh­ter who is still shut­tled to all her activ­i­ties by either me or a friend, I'd never thought of the fact that she'll one day be old enough to trudge out for the entire day on her own, let alone need­ing enough pro­vi­sions for it as well. I'm not gonna lie, the thought made me panic a lit­tle. Read more

Back on the Wagon Week: Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies


Okay, I know every­one is writ­ing blog posts about mak­ing amends for all the cook­ies that got con­sumed over the hol­i­days. And we did more than our share of that around here. So, maybe it seems wrong that my Back on the Wagon week post is about, um, cook­ies. But stay with me. These aren't deca­dent, choco­late, sprinkle-covered, candy-studded cook­ies. They're veggie-packed, fibre-rich, go ahead and have another cause they're healthy break­fast cookies!

For real, these are yummy, fill­ing and easy to eat on the run. You can bake a batch on Sun­days and be ahead of the game all week. They're great for break­fast along­side some Greek yogurt and berries but they also pack into a school lunch or make a great after school/before prac­tice snack.

I've got a con­tainer of coconut oil in the fridge that I want to use so I included it here but no wor­ries if you don't have it — just used melted but­ter instead and the result will be the same. Read more

Netflix & SPC: Peanut Butter Toast

Netflix Recipe Final-1

When my daugh­ter was a tod­dler I used to do all kinds of adorable things with her food. Just ask Ceri. She loves to remind me about the time I used cookie cut­ters to cut slices of cheese into cute shapes for a play date. I know, over the top, right?

As a for­mer picky eater to the power of 100, I didn’t want my daugh­ter to fall into the dis­cern­ing food abyss I lived in until my 20s. I guess it’s why I tried to make meals fun and adven­tur­ous. I also wanted them to be inter­ac­tive, espe­cially since I knew get­ting her involved in the kitchen would be help­ful when intro­duc­ing new foods. Apspara­gus is not so weird after you and mom have a laugh snap­ping the ends off. Today, Scar­lett and I still cook together but it’s less cute. We still have fun, espe­cially talk­ing about our days, but my moments of cookie cut­ter snacks have faded into the past. (Ok, fine. I do, once and awhile, make a stack of heart pan­cakes.) I guess it’s why my daugh­ter couldn’t wait to help me put together a Puss in Boots toast.
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Netflix & SPC: Easy Puss in Boots Puppet Craft


Do you make res­o­lu­tions? I know it seems cooler these days to say you don’t make them, but I con­fess I love them. And I don’t need Jan­u­ary to make them. There are few things I love more than a new regime, whether it’s a new work­out or a new approach to mak­ing week­day morn­ings calmer. At least three of the books on my night­stand are self-help-y. I know, so uncool, but there you have it.

The res­o­lu­tion I’m try­ing to sell my fam­ily on now is adven­ture. I don’t nec­es­sar­ily mean travel, although we’ve got some of that planned for later in the year. Whether it’s doing some­thing new in your own city or tak­ing skat­ing lessons as a fam­ily, I really want us to try new things. It can be so easy to set­tle into your rou­tine, eat the same meals, to stay within in your com­fort zone. But this year I’m hop­ing to shake things up and have us all say­ing “yes” to new expe­ri­ences. And what bet­ter role model for adven­ture is there than Puss in Boots? Seri­ously, not only is he a swash­buck­ling cat of adven­ture, the guy has seri­ous style. I can’t wait to watch the new Adven­tures of Puss in Boots series launch­ing this month on on Janu­ray 16th on Net­flix with my kids – I’m pretty sure they’re going to fall in love with him.

To kick start the series, and to try some­thing new, we decided to make a Puss in Boots hand pup­pet. It’s a really easy craft and we had almost every­thing at home already. We had fun cre­at­ing Puss, but really any char­ac­ter or crea­ture could be made with this craft. Read more

Back on the Wagon Week: Beet and Apple Resolution Juice

Beet Juice-1

Ceri is big on res­o­lu­tions and I love to talk about them but, in the end, that's all they really are for me–talk. The one thing I did know going into the new year was that I wanted to try and incor­po­rate more juices into our rou­tine. So if you're insist­ing that I come up with a res­o­lu­tion then I resolve to drink more juices that I make at home. There. Now, if I blow this one, it's your fault. Read more