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Roundup: Dinners to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


Are you look­ing for a way to cel­e­brate Cinco de Mayo today? Ok, let's be hon­est. You really want an easy din­ner because you for­got to take the damn meat out of the freezer. It's all here for you. Actu­ally, it's not all here. We don't have a sin­gle mar­garita recipe and, in my world, that's a crime! Read more

Sponsored Post: Weetabix Blueberry Parfait


You know how I know it's Spring? By what I eat for break­fast. As soon as my kitchen starts fill­ing with sun­light before 6:30 am (about a few weeks now), I make the switch from heap­ing bowl of over­dressed oat­meal (I'm never con­ser­v­a­tive about my top­pings ) to Greek yogurt par­faits. It's basi­cally one of the golden rules in our home along­side all TV switches to real­ity pro­gram­ming at 9pm and Easter/Halloween/Christmas candy changes own­er­ship from kid to par­ent after four days. Oat­meal and Greek yogurt are the per­fect can­vasses for tai­lor­ing my morn­ing meal to my ever chang­ing crav­ings. Each, in their own right, have there nutri­tional ben­e­fits (my steel cut oats are loaded with fibre while Greek yogurt is a pro­tein pow­er­house) but my top­pings are another way for me to sati­ate my crav­ings as well as ratchet up the nutri­tional value of my morn­ing meal. (There are the morn­ings I dumb it down with the inclu­sion crushed up choco­late eggs left­over from Eater but we don't speak of those days.) Plus my add-ins always keep the dish fresh–never the same-old, same-old.
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Time Out Dinner: Fish Tacos with Citrus Slaw and Glazed Sweet Potato


Do you ever time out for din­ner? It's what hap­pened to me last night. I got home late and with Scarlett's ever increas­ing list of home­work as well as her shower and bed­time press­ing down on me, I was under the gun to get din­ner on the table in 20 min­utes. If not, the whole night would be a dis­as­ter. And by a dis­as­ter I mean me hit­ting my limit and hav­ing a men­tal melt­down. There's a cer­tain wall I reach every night when my reser­voir of patience dries up. I need to com­plete our nightly rou­tine before I reach this wall or it all goes South. Then I can no longer politely ask any­one to "please take your dish to the sink" or help­fully remind a dis­tracted home­work par­tic­i­pant with "you need to stay focused on your work." Instead I turn into an irra­tional lunatic trail­ing off on some lec­ture about how "I used to have a life that involved dry cleaned cloth­ing and cock­tails" and how "I don't work for any­one in the house", includ­ing the cat that sud­denly seems demand­ing too.
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Spring Greens Week: Crunchy Asparagus Fries

Asparagus Fries 24456-1

I'm really not a fan of kid's menus. Have you ever noticed how they always have the same five things on them? It's a rare restau­rant that doesn't fea­ture some kind of com­bi­na­tion that includes chicken fin­gers, mac and cheese, pizza, hot dog and ham­burger. Oh, wait, I for­got grilled cheese and that god­for­saken end­less side of French fries. Those are all there too. I know kids are crea­tures of habit but, hon­estly, do we not want to have some­thing a lit­tle adven­tur­ous? I mean, at least for the sake of the moms. I swear I'd be 5 to 10 lbs lighter if I didn't have to fin­ish the fries on Scarlett's plate or make that other half of grilled cheese go away when we dine out. I think it has a lot to do with how I was raised. I grew up in a house­hold that preached fin­ish­ing every­thing on your plate. Plus, as an adult who wit­nesses the ongo­ing waste­ful­ness of chil­dren (ever have to throw out a whole roll of toi­let paper because it was unwound and water­logged?), I just can't, in good con­science, let gobs of food go to waste. So I eat it–One fry at a time find­ing home on the pil­lowy cush­ion of skin above my bra strap. Damn back fat! And damn those crappy kid's menus! Most restau­rants are now just French fry push­ers to me.

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Baked Meatballs


Have you seen our new Youtube series yet? Lunch Ninja started about a week ago but really it's the result of months of thought, lots of help from pals and almost three years of lunch pack­ing. Laura and I are cook­ing up lots of other video series but we're quite smit­ten with our first. We wanted to come up with a series that would give you guys some ideas for lunches out­side of the ham & cheese sand­wich box as well, hope­fully, a laugh out the end­less­ness of the task. If you like these videos, we hope you'll share them and sub­scribe to our Youtube chan­nel. We promise that so many more fun things will be com­ing there over the next few months! Read more