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An Interview with the Stars of Almay's New Pure Beauty Campaign


We can't believe our good for­tune to share this news but Ceri and I are part of Almay's new Pure Beauty Cam­paign air­ing now. Did you just read what I wrote? WE. ARE. IN. AN. ALMAY. AD. Do you want to know the best part about this excit­ing project? Our daughter's are in it as well! Actu­ally, they're not just in it, they're basi­cally the stars since they have the only speak­ing parts. You can go ahead and read the rest of this post, we'll just be over here pinch­ing our­selves. Read more

Banana and Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Chia, Muesli and Pomegranate Seeds

Banana Smoothie Bowl 43593

When it comes to eat­ing have you ever thought about the fact that all good things come in a bowl? Ok, it's true, some really good stuff comes in a bun (mmmm, ham­burg­ers and hot dogs) but dishes like soups, chilis, mac and cheese, pas­tas, stews, risot­tos, all arrive on your place­mat in a deep dish and just scream com­fort. (They also scream "I'm eat­ing this on the couch in my PJs" but I prob­a­bly shouldn't embar­rass Ceri with that lit­tle fact.) And don't for­get ice cream. That's awe­some in a bowl. Wait, actu­ally, ice cream is bet­ter in a cone. Read more

Pancake Tuesday: A round up of our favourite recipes

PB Pancakes with Jelly Syrup

Hon­estly, don't pan­cakes just make you happy. I'm never not excited to sit down to a meal of warm, stacked-high and syrup-drippy pan­cakes. In fact Ceri and I always joke this site could have eas­ily been devoted to pan­cakes alone. We both pretty much love eat­ing them any time of day and are hardly able to stop exper­i­ment­ing with recipes.

Since today is pan­cake Tues­day, we've col­lected some of our favourite recipes for cak­ers. I'm mak­ing the Apple Pie ones for din­ner tonight. What about you? Read more

We Love…Making our Valentine's


It doesn't have to be the shape of a heart. It needn't be red, pink or any­thing in between. It could be choco­late but it def­i­nitely doesn't have to be. It just needs to be made with love.

Here are some of our favorite Valentine's Day meals, treats and snacks….. Read more

Protein Pancakes with Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Pancakes-1

I was in a meet­ing recently, talk­ing about food, of course, when a col­league said to me, "Every morn­ing, I pray I've given my eldest daugh­ter enough food for the day." A com­pet­i­tive dancer, her daugh­ter goes right from school into a full sched­ule of classes and prac­tices. "I won't see her until we both get home at around 8pm tonight and I worry I've packed her enough." As soon as she said it to me, I instantly slumped over in my seat with sym­pa­thy worry for her. With a young daugh­ter who is still shut­tled to all her activ­i­ties by either me or a friend, I'd never thought of the fact that she'll one day be old enough to trudge out for the entire day on her own, let alone need­ing enough pro­vi­sions for it as well. I'm not gonna lie, the thought made me panic a lit­tle. Read more