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Roundup: Blueberries


We couldn't be more excited about blue­berry sea­son. In fact, the only other thing we get this excited about is pan­cake sea­son. Wait, that's not a thing. Regard­less, we've got lots of recipes that cram the bitty berry (and all its antiox­i­dant power) into fun and deli­cious bak­ing projects.

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Blueberry Week: Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait

Blueberry Parfait

You best buckle up and get ready because this week is Blue­berry Week on SPC. We have so many great recipes with the bitty berry that we’re going to lay our favorites on you all week, so be sure to come back every day. If you don’t like blue­ber­ries, we’ll catch you next week. Read more

Fresh Week: Artisanal Toasts


We've been talk­ing "fresh" and "local" a lot lately. It's that glo­ri­ous time of year when local pro­duce is every­where: the gro­cery store, farmer's mar­kets, farm stands and, maybe, even in your back­yard. Ceri and I are big fan's of eat­ing locally so this time of year means a bounty of fresh ingre­di­ents that we have so much fun jam­ming into our recipes. And by jam­ming I mean I walk into a store, want every­thing and then have to find a way to use it all before it goes South. Not that it's hard. We've also been talk­ing pro­duce lately since we signed on to work with Metro Gro­cery Stores this sum­mer to help get the word out about the bounty of local and fresh ingre­di­ents they have in stores this sea­son. So it was your aver­age no brainer that we'd marry the lat­est food trend of arti­sanal toasts with the abun­dance of fruits and veg­gies avail­able dur­ing Summer.

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Peach Week: Peach & Blueberry Crostata


Do you look for­ward or back? It's not a trick ques­tion, I really want to know! I'm not super nos­tal­gic by nature. If any­thing, I err on the side of impa­tience, always anx­ious to get to the next… mile­stone, job, project, week­end. It's why I don't feel sad the way some peo­ple do about my kids' birth­days — there's always so many things to look for­ward to. How can I feel sad about Esme not being a baby any­more when we just took the train­ing wheels off of her bike this weekend?

Of course the major — MAJOR — down­side to my habit of look­ing ahead is that I can miss out on what's actu­ally going on. I spent the last low-temped week we had in Toronto talk­ing about how it felt like sum­mer is over. Some­thing about the cool­ness of the morn­ing air just felt like Sep­tem­ber to me. Esme had had enough one day. "Mom, there is a month — that's four weeks! — left of sum­mer. It is not over." And she's right. I need to stop look­ing at the back-to-school arti­cles crowd­ing my twit­ter feed and get my head back into the game. So, I'm plan­ning some pic­nics, bar­be­cues and even just din­ners out on our deck to get the most out of the sec­ond half of sum­mer. You with me?

Here's a lit­tle some­thing to help you and your fam­ily cel­e­brate the long sum­mer ahead of us. Don't worry, I know pie can be intim­i­dat­ing but this one is as easy as they get. It looks gor­geous when it comes out of the oven and tastes like heaven. Peach and blue­berry is one of my all-time favourite sum­mer com­bi­na­tion. But I've got another one com­ing up for you that's amaz­ing, too. I can't wait…  Read more

Five Best Strawberry Recipes!


I'm going to be hon­est, I buy berries all year long. We eat them almost every morn­ing, whether they're on top of gra­nola or por­ridge or rolled up into a nut but­ter break­fast wrap, I pack them in lunches and dole them out as after school snacks. Do I love the berries we eat in Jan­u­ary. Meh. They'll do. But now. Now is the time for amaz­ing local berries. The small-ish, red-all-the-way-through gems that pop­u­late the stores now are the ticket. They're sweet and taste like — wait for it! — straw­ber­ries. So, do not miss the win­dow. There are a mil­lion ways to enjoy them — here are just a few of our faves. Read more