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Peach Week: Peach & Blueberry Crostata


Do you look for­ward or back? It's not a trick ques­tion, I really want to know! I'm not super nos­tal­gic by nature. If any­thing, I err on the side of impa­tience, always anx­ious to get to the next… mile­stone, job, project, week­end. It's why I don't feel sad the way some peo­ple do about my kids' birth­days — there's always so many things to look for­ward to. How can I feel sad about Esme not being a baby any­more when we just took the train­ing wheels off of her bike this weekend?

Of course the major — MAJOR — down­side to my habit of look­ing ahead is that I can miss out on what's actu­ally going on. I spent the last low-temped week we had in Toronto talk­ing about how it felt like sum­mer is over. Some­thing about the cool­ness of the morn­ing air just felt like Sep­tem­ber to me. Esme had had enough one day. "Mom, there is a month — that's four weeks! — left of sum­mer. It is not over." And she's right. I need to stop look­ing at the back-to-school arti­cles crowd­ing my twit­ter feed and get my head back into the game. So, I'm plan­ning some pic­nics, bar­be­cues and even just din­ners out on our deck to get the most out of the sec­ond half of sum­mer. You with me?

Here's a lit­tle some­thing to help you and your fam­ily cel­e­brate the long sum­mer ahead of us. Don't worry, I know pie can be intim­i­dat­ing but this one is as easy as they get. It looks gor­geous when it comes out of the oven and tastes like heaven. Peach and blue­berry is one of my all-time favourite sum­mer com­bi­na­tion. But I've got another one com­ing up for you that's amaz­ing, too. I can't wait…  Read more

Five Best Strawberry Recipes!


I'm going to be hon­est, I buy berries all year long. We eat them almost every morn­ing, whether they're on top of gra­nola or por­ridge or rolled up into a nut but­ter break­fast wrap, I pack them in lunches and dole them out as after school snacks. Do I love the berries we eat in Jan­u­ary. Meh. They'll do. But now. Now is the time for amaz­ing local berries. The small-ish, red-all-the-way-through gems that pop­u­late the stores now are the ticket. They're sweet and taste like — wait for it! — straw­ber­ries. So, do not miss the win­dow. There are a mil­lion ways to enjoy them — here are just a few of our faves. Read more

Netflix's and SPC: A Canada Day T-Shirt Craft

Netflix Craft 3

Do you remem­ber what sum­mer used to feel like? It was so, very looooooooong. And some­times a lit­tle bor­ing. Well, at least when I was a kid that was what sum­mer felt like–endless days with lots fun things to do, or hours with noth­ing. Nowa­days sum­mer feels like a light­en­ing sprint. It's a dash through com­mit­ments, every day as jammed packed as the last. I guess that's what hap­pens when you grow up. How­ever, I'd like to get back to what sum­mer used to be. I'm going to slow it down for my daugh­ter and, hope­fully, me too. Instead of enrolling her in every camp there is, we'll just spend our weeks up at our lit­tle lake cot­tage. We've actu­ally done it for the past two sum­mers and it's been just like, well, sum­mer. We paint rocks, pick blue­ber­ries and get bored some­times. How­ever, it's a glo­ri­ous we've got noth­ing to do kind of bore­dom. Obvi­ously, because I'm a writer, this works for me. How­ever, you can turn any day into a long, lazy sum­mer day. One of the best ways to do this is to com­mit to doing some­thing that keeps you close to home, maybe it means you don't even have to leave your jam­mies, like craft­ing and bak­ing. Read more

Netflix & SPC: Canada Day Maple Leaf Cookies


Do you like tra­di­tions? I really do, par­tic­u­larly when it comes to hol­i­days. I think our kids look for­ward to Hal­loween because they want the candy they'll score Trick or Treat­ing but even more because we always spend it with their buds Maude and Ford. Laura and I take all of the kids to Casa Loma each Decem­ber to make gin­ger­bread houses and it wouldn't be Christ­mas with­out the trip. But Canada Day? I got nothing.

On SPC we always cel­e­brate July 1st and July 4th as I'm Cana­dian and Laura is Amer­i­can. And this year, I'm actu­ally doing both hol­i­days as well. Amer­i­can friends of ours will be in town from L.A. over the long week­end and we're going to throw a big cook­out on one of the beaches in Toronto. It will be a big group of friends and everybody's kids. There will def­i­nitely be burg­ers and hot­dogs but I'm think­ing my con­tri­bu­tion is going to be these awe­some maple leaf cook­ies. You can really taste the maple syrup in them and Esme and Julian will love help­ing me cut them out. This recipe makes a lot of cook­ies but that works out since our crowd will be giant. Read more

Strawberry Week: Strawberry Lemon Spelt Scones

Strawberry Scones

I have to admit I'm a teeny bit dis­ap­pointed writ­ing this post. Nor­mally, every June, I hap­pily skip through our Straw­berry Week post chat­ting about our adven­tures pick­ing fresh, Ontario straw­ber­ries at the local farm by our cot­tage. How­ever, over at the farm, there's noth­ing! Yup, that's right. Zippo. After a long and cruel win­ter, the straw­ber­ries weren't avail­able until later this week. So instead of my hand-picked good­ies, I picked up a local vari­ety at our gro­cery store. The upside of that? No one whined about pick­ing them. Read more